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BRMGA Purpose
The Beacon Ridge Men’s Golf Association is dedicated to promoting fellowship, sportsmanship and serving our members interest in golf. The BRMGA offers a variety of weekly golf games, participation in league play, informal social occasions and several annual tournaments.

Membership and Dues

Our men’s league plays on Wednesday mornings generally at 8:30am late spring, summer and early fall, later adjusting for available daylight. Entry fee is $5.00, $4.00 for the prize pool and $1.00 for Closet ToThe Pin that day. Participation in Closest ToThe Pin is optional. There are usually two closest to the pin rewards, one on the back nine and one on the front nine. Games are determined by the tournament chairman at the beginning of the season and are confirmed as each week progresses. They are a variety of individual and team events of 2, 3 or 4 man teams. Sign up is done via email and the pairings for the competition are handled by Golf Genius software to balance team handicaps as close as possible while making sure the same players are not on the same team week after week.

In order to join, you must have a handicap index through the GHIN system. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for one in the Beacon Ridge proshop. The cost is $30.00 per year. A temporary handicap can be issued by the Handicap Committee with a minimum of 3 rounds. Prize payouts for individuals and teams are determined based on the number of players. All monies put in are paid out.

Cost to join the golf association is as low as $24.00 or as much as $50.00 per year. This is the breakdown on the dues:

$24.00 for annual dues. This pays for a kickoff breakfast in late Feb/early March and for a year end awards dinner in November. This is a required payment.

$6.00 to participate in the Hole In One pool. If you make a hole in one while playing with at least one BRMGA member and have played a full 18 holes, you will share the pool with anyone else who met the same requirements. The hole in one has to be made at BRCC from the normal tees you’ve signed up for. The Hole In One period extends from November 1 to October 31 of the following year. Sign up for the pool is optional.

$20.00 for the Christmas Bonus pool. We use these funds to pay bonuses to the staff at BRCC for their support during the year. This pool is also optional.

The official season runs from late Feb or early March through the final tournament, usually the first Wednesday of November. Monies won during the season are accumulated and paid out in a lump sum check at the awards dinner. The group continues to play an unofficial season during the winter, but payouts are paid the day after play. They are not officially part of the season and do not count towards the season ending Money Leader Tournament.

To join, you can contact our tournament chairman, Tim Pittman (, our treasurer, Vince Price ( or our president, Tom Rudziensky (


Weekly Play
Our formal Men’s League runs for thirty-four weeks. We kick off our season in early March and conclude with our annual BRMGA Dinner in early November. Our league plays a number of different games throughout the season, from individual events, where it’s everything from you against the course, to various team competitions designed for all handicap levels.  Our most popular format, the “Ace of Aces” tournament, is played the first Wednesday of each month starting in March. Winners advance to our Ace of Aces Tournament in October. Our goal is to make Wednesday a day to join old and new friends alike for an enjoyable golf experience.

Wednesday Shot Gun start times
Morning start times vary by season as shown below. We use shotgun starts to get all golfers out at the same time so they all finish at the same time allowing us the opportunity to have lunch in our restaurant following golf.

      • Jan- Feb      9:30 am
      • Mar             9:00 am
      • Apr – June  8:30 am
      • July – Aug  8:00 am
      • Sept.            8:30 am
      • Oct- Nov     9:00 am
      • Dec              9:30 am 


With Golf Shop Staff the BRMGA coordinates events through Golf Genius Tournament Management Software. Members are emailed opportunities to register for events with the click of a virtual button.

Once invited simply click PLAYING or NOT PLAYING.

Maintaining Pace of Play and Governing Rules
Feedback from BRMGA members consistently shows that slow play is a frustration for most members. BRMGA supports Beacon Ridge’s objective to achieve a 4 hour 15 minute round for every foursome on the golf course. This of course must start with the first group out each day. Thereafter, the BRMGA urges each group to remain comfortably close to the group ahead, not simply ahead of the group behind.

The USGA Rules of Golf govern BRMGA. Any special rules will be distributed in advance of  each BRMGA tournament event. The BRMGA expects members to be aware of proper golf course etiquette and always to observe the highest standard of behavior, respecting their fellow golfers and the golf course.

2020 BRMGA Tournament and Events Schedule

2020 Weekly Wednesday Tournament Schedule