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Beacon Ridge Sunday Bermuda Greens Conversion Plan

Dear Beacon Ridge Members and Guests,

It is with great excitement and pleasure to inform you that today, Beacon Ridge Golf and Country Club came to an agreement with Modern Turf to convert our greens to Sunday Bermuda.  For the past year, we have done extensive evaluation of the various options available to us and were able to determine that Sunday Bermuda offers the best of all worlds in Bermuda turf for greens.  It is dense, provides a grain free putting experience, is the most frost tolerant Bermuda species available and is the easiest to work with in day to day maintenance operations.  Sunday Bermuda has a very long history of successful implementation throughout the Southeast and is becoming more and more popular every year.

Mike Rose, our Superintendent, is working with member volunteers to develop a detailed timeline to ensure the timely success of this project.  We will be doing 9 holes at a time in order to keep the golf course open while we make this conversion.  From a high level, the following is when key events are scheduled to happen:

·         4/10/2019 – Shut down holes 10-18 for overseeding with creeping bent grass.  This is an attempt to keep the back nine greens alive and puttable through spring up to mid summer when the front 9 will be ready to open after Sunday Bermuda is planted.  The back nine will be closed to play for at least 2 weeks, possibly longer as we monitor progress with the growth of this seeding.

·         5/15/2019 – Shut down holes 1-9 for fumigation to prepare for planting.

·         6/3/2019 – Sprig greens 1-9 with Sunday Bermuda.  Play will continue on holes 10-18 while the greens grow in.

·         7/8/2019 – Shut down holes 10-18 to prepare for fumigation.

·         7/15/2019 – Open holes 1-9 with new Sunday Bermuda greens (all 18 holes will be closed for approximately 1 week unless new turf growth exceeds expectations).

·         7/24/2019 – Sprig greens 10-18 with Sunday Bermuda.

If weather cooperates, we are hopeful to have all 18 holes open for play by Labor Day 2019.  This is the first and most important step to returning Beacon Ridge to the 4+ star level it once had.  We are committed to making BRCC a premier golf experience and with your support, we will attain that goal.

Feel free to contact me, Mike Rose or Tim Pittman to answer any questions that you have regarding this plan.  Tim, Margaret and Mike will be working out a very detailed timeline and risk mitigation plan over the next several weeks to help ensure the timeliness and success of this project.

Warm regards,

Raymond Ou

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