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Back Nine Green Conversion Update

Dear Beacon Ridge Friends and Neighbors,

On Monday, June 24, holes 10 through 18 and the chipping area will be shut down for fumigation as we begin Phase II of the conversion to Sunday Bermuda. Please be aware that the chemicals used are foul smelling and toxic. Please stay away from the greens and keep your pets off of the golf course while it is closed. There will also be tree removal activity during this time so it is imperative that only maintenance personnel are allowed on the back nine.

The Front Nine will be opened for play on temporary greens starting Monday. The new greens are growing in nicely and we are now expecting to open them for play within the next 3 weeks. Come out and play the temporary greens and you will get a chance to see the new greens coming in. Please do not hit balls to the new greens until they are open for play.

The Sunday Bermuda planting date for the back nine is July 10. We anticipate the greens will be grown in sufficiently to open for play by Labor Day assuming good growing weather continues. If conditions are ideal (generally the hotter the weather, the better it grows), it is conceivable that they may open sooner.

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